Monday, July 25, 2011

Bringing the past into present

I've been debating back and forth on what we will serve for our dessert. Whether it be a wedding cake, cupcake, cheese cake or candy. As I was thinking about this huge decision, I decided I'd take a break from it and work on something else.

I have read numerous ways brides are incorporating their loved ones who are no longer with them into their wedding. This got me thinking about Tony's Grandpa Meyer. He passed away shortly after Tony was born but he has always been a large part of his life. I felt it was important for us to remember him in some way. For those of you Meyers who are reading this now, keep your eyes open. I don't think I want to write in detail what our plans are, but I do want others to know that he will be remembered.

This also lead me to think about my grandparents. They have been happily married for fifty eight years and continue to love each other day in and day out without batting an eye. I've always looked up to them and hoped that I too would find someone to love like they love each other. I was lucky enough to find him. I emailed grandpa asking him if he had a picture handy from their wedding day. A few days later I received this in the mail:

I'm hoping I can steal something off of this to incorporate into our wedding. Possibly the cake? I plan to take this to our hopeful baker and see if they are able to replicate it. Cross your fingers.

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